How to Mine Dogecoin From Your Computer

You know what’s more exciting than buying $DOGE and watching the price go up and down?

Learning how to mine Dogecoin and putting your computer to WORK FOR YOU. That way you can rack up some $DOGE in your wallet. And you’re about to learn how you can mine $DOGE too even if all you have is a laptop.

Yes, you can mine cryptocurrency from a laptop! (Yes, yes, even you!) My laptop is mining for $DOGE right now and I don’t have to do a single thing except let it run.

So first thing’s first.

You’re probably wondering how much you can make from mining Dogecoin from a laptop. Don’t go buying that watch you’ve been saving up for just yet or turn in your two weeks notice at work (unless you’re ambitious and can turn knowledge into a fortune).

The fact is, you might be able to buy a cup of coffee a day if your computer is VERY high-end with a great GPU.

And here’s the thing. Whether you mine with a computer that is low end, or high end, you’ll gain valuable knowledge by merely knowing how Cryptocurrency is mined.

And with that, who knows? Maybe you’ll try mining other coins? Or maybe you get inspired enough to start an eco-friendly, wind and solar Dogecoin mining facility?

It’s up to you what you choose to do with this knowledge. And it’s a simple process.

If you want a more in-depth guide, visit the page below to get a free copy of the Dogecoin mining guide with images. I can’t just copy-paste the guide on Facebook because, quite frankly, the people who are doing the mining already don’t want the competition. And it’s a bit too long.

But here’s your five easy steps.

First, you’ll need a computer. You can use any computer to “experiment” with mining as it can use your CPU and/our GPU. But be warned. WARNING: mining requires a lot of “computing resources” and can put a toll on your laptop, so be sure to understand the limitations of your laptop.

Use your judgment. Example: if your laptop is over 8 years old, and it crashes a lot, and you can feel it burning up while playing minesweeper, you’ll want to reconsider testing out the mining thing, or borrow someone else’s laptop. But if you’re somewhat tech-savvy, and you run technology like video games or edit resource heavy things like videos regularly, and you’re thinking “oh maybe it might do well” — then it might be worth giving it a shot.

But technically, just about any laptop with a CPU and/or GPU can do it. There’s a lot of websites that will try to demotivate you saying your laptop won’t handle it. But forget about all that. Again, you’re not going to make a fortune here. You’re learning how people are building small fortunes with cryptocurrency.

Second, you will need a Crypto Wallet that supports Dogecoin. You can even use the Dogecoin wallet recommended from the Dogecoin website or you can find your own. There are a lot out there and recommendations everywhere. You need a crypto wallet because when you mine, you need a place to transfer the coins to, it’s that simple.

Note on wallet usage for those who have never used a wallet before. NEVER NEVER NEVER give out your private wallet key to anyone who asks for it! NEVER.

There is a public key that is safe to share with people so you can receive currency. And there is another private key that a good wallet will make a bit more difficult to access requiring an extra layer of security. Do not be afraid to share the public key with someone who wants to send you crypto.

Third, you’ll need mining software. This can be tough because you need to find a mining software that is safe and has a good reputation. Reputation is moreso for your safety. And of course it needs to support the mining of Dogecoin.

There is a lot of mining software and coins out there as you might imagine. Different mining software supports different coins. You’ll need one that supports Dogecoin. Check out our guide if you want recommendations, but you’ll want to make sure you do your research on this.

Important note: Here’s the other one thing that’s tough about finding the right miner. If you have anti-virus software, just about every mining software out there (the good ones and the bad ones that were made by people looking to take advantage of cryptocurrency enthusiasts) will cause your AV software to get triggered.

That’s because mining software requires that it “controls some of your computer’s actions” to do millions of computations. Therefore mining software will often get flagged as a virus or some form of malware. That’s why it’s extra important to do your research. You need to find the one’s that are reputable because you will have to make an exception to them for your computer security.

The next step is you need to find a mining pool. This is basically a “host” that brings a bunch of people together to mine together, and you share the results.

If you are using a laptop, a mining pool is essential because despite how easy it is for anyone to get into mining, the process itself on the “blockchain” is much more complex. But you will need to join a good pool that supports Dogecoin because you’re going to be using your computer to mine with them.

The fifth and final step is possibly the toughest for those who are not technically savvy. When you join a mining pool, you’ll receive the information to mine with them. This includes your username, the “pool address,” and the port.

And you’ll need to plug that information into your mining software. And depending on the mining software you use, it may be as simple as plug and play, to knowing how to use your computers command line.

And it really is that simple!

From there, you just leave your computer on and let it run.

Even if you don’t start your own mining enterprise and fill a warehouse with mining hardware, it’s good to at least know “where it all comes from.”

And when you think about the fact you own a powerful computer more advanced than the first spaceship to the moon, this is one way to put your computer to work for you.

Some people will test it out and get bored after a while. Some people will take the knowledge and scale it to the moon.

But regardless of where you land (the Moon or Mars or somewhere else), you’ll land with more knowledge aka potential power than you had before.




10x Author, Udemy Course Creator, Youtuber, and Podcaster.

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Emmett Ferguson

Emmett Ferguson

10x Author, Udemy Course Creator, Youtuber, and Podcaster.

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